Saturday, 15 August 2015

Tips for transitioning to texlax

As you may know I have texlax hair, but my hair is not fully texlax because I still have relaxed ends at the bottom which I have not cut off yet. When I will be cutting off the relaxed ends, I don't know myself, but when am good and ready I will do it.

So, any of you out there that are wanting to go texlax or are currently texlax keep on reading for helpful tips for this transition.

This is showing transitioning hair from relaxed through to texlaxed and even natural. 
Texlax step by step transition tips:
1. Section your hair by braiding: When going to shampoo, condition or even doing a protein treatment please make sure that you section your hair just like you would when preparing your hair for a relaxer. Section it using a wide tooth comb, to create each section part (create 4 sections or more depending on your hair).
I didn't know that it was important to section my hair and so my hair was always in a mess when shampooing or conditioning.

2. Never leave your hair completely dry after shampoo, or conditioning before combing it I learned it the hard way and had a lot of breakage and tangles in my hair which was very difficult to manage. When you hair is still wet, is when you should be combing each section that was braided gently detangling. Use your finger first to detangle and whenever there is some knots in the hair.

3. Moisturiser - When going texlax you need a good moisturiser that will help you with your texlax hair journey. As the process of becoming texlax your hair would require more moisture than it needed before when rexlax.

4. Stretching - When transitioning your also stretching your hair from the last time you put in a relaxer. It is important to try and get your hair soft and manageable as possible, you can do by using intensive conditioning treatment (deep conditioning) or leave in conditioner in your hair. For the intensive conditioning process it helps more if you leave in for at least 1 hour or more if you can as this helps with the next step which is styling your hair.  

5. Hair styles- as your transitioning it is important to keep in mind that you now will have a mixture of textures. So, as your texture will become more curly it is a great way to start wearing curly protective styling such as bantu knots and many more.

My last advice for those who are starting their journey to texlax (new to this hair journey of texlax), is to transition/stretch for 4 months then place a relaxer only on the new growth area. The reason for this is that it will help make the journey easier than leaving all the new growth for 6 months or 1 year. From experience, it makes it much easier since you will only be dealing with two textures, until the new growth comes again and you will be dealing with three textures. Check out texlaxing hair on my blog.

Let me know what tips you are doing that is helping you in your texlax hair journey?

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