Sunday, 10 January 2016

The knowledge on texlax hair

Tips for Texlax hair:
For anyone such as myself going on a journey of texlaxing, this journey is not easy, just like for the relaxed and natural but we can do this. Our hair is the most fragile out of relaxed and natural since we are working with three different texture.

Hair learning:
If your fully natural, or fully relaxed you might not even experience this but for those who are texlaxing we will go through this process called the line of demarcation. If your new to this, please don't be scared, once you learn about your hair and what to do you will be fine trust me.

Here we go...

The line of demarcation if you typed this in google right now, you will probably see it is talking about it in geographical term, but that is not what I mean when I say the line of demarcation.
In hair terminology, it is when the natural hair/texlax hair strand of hair meets the relaxed hair ( the hair that is already chemically proceed). This part of the hair is the most fragile, think of it like a porcelain china tea pot.

The line of demarcartion

Anyone that will be stretching their hair or transitioning will go through this process and it is very important not to tugging the hair very much since it's fragile.

Ok, so now you know the line of demarcation how can I help it so it does not break off.

1. Finger detangle your hair as much as you can, don't and I repeat please don't start combing your hair with any comb straight away.

2. Use your wide tooth comb and start detangle your hair from the end of your hair strands to the root of your hair (to the top). Take your time in this, this is where patience comes in. To help with the detangle section your hair into 4 pieces or more if you need to and start with one section at a time.

3.  Do protective styling that helps to create the same texture for all the hair (twists, braids...)

4. Moisturing and sealing the hair, is very important to allow the hair to be hydrated ( especially in the winter season).

We have all been there before, where we feel so lazy to even style our hair or treat it good.
For those who get very busy or sometimes forgetful or even lazy, here is a great tip for remembering your hair. We all have phones now, even if it is a simple phone to a smartphone one. Place a reminder on your phone name it whatever you want to remind you to take care of you hair, I have this for even my pet fishes to feed them, we have them for appointments with friends so why not for your hair it is also very important.

Don't ignore it. They want some L.O.V.E too.

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