Thursday, 18 June 2015

Texlaxing Hair

As you might have read, I am going on the route to texlaxing my hair. Texlaxing route, comes with having to deal with three different types of textures: natural, texlax and the relaxer hair at the end. There are difficulty in dealing with these three different textures, but I know once those relaxed ends are gone, it will be a bit easier to take care of my hair.

What is Texlax?
Many of you who might have started your hair journey a couple of months ago, a year ago or more might not know what texlaxing is. To be honest, I didn't even know what that was, all I knew about was relaxed or natural.

Texlaxing is when you underprocess your hair, with a relaxer,or some like to use a texturiser. Although, you don't have to use a texturiser. By texlaxing your hair, you loosen the hair texture, and it is less damaging than doing a full on relaxer to the hair to get it straight.

There are different techniques that others do, when texlaxing there hair; all of which works for them as seen on Youtube. But I believe it is important to find what works for you.
This is the relaxer I use, to texlax my hair, can be found in US and Europe 

How I texlax my hair: 
First, I take a mild relaxer, as for me I like to use the kids relaxers. Section your hair in four sections/parts just as it says in the package of the relaxer.
Then, you can either put in the oil of your choice or a conditioner to the relaxer mix; only 1/4 to the mix. I put oil instead to the relaxer mixture.

CO:By putting in the oil or conditioner, you are diluting the relaxer mixture and decreasing the strength of the relaxer.

Protection: It is important to place a barrier on the hair before texlaxing. The barrier can be any light oil to protect your hair before applying the chemical. As well as, onto the hair edges to place vaseline as another barrier; this prevents the relaxer coming in content with your skin which can cause burns. I like to do both of these barrier protections, since it's better to be safe than sorry.

Time: Another thing to consider when texlaxing  your hair is the duration you leave the mixture in your hair, most of the time for relaxers you sit down for maybe 10 mins or even more. However, when texlaxing your hair we want to create loose curly texture, so it should be left for a shorter period of time; the shorter the time the more curl texture you get.
Between 5-7 mins no more, to leave the mixture in your hair before rinsing. I like to leave it for about 5 mins, which works great for me to still get that curly texture.

Make sure when texlaxing hair, apply it to only the new growth nothing else. Unless your natural and want to texlax your whole hair.

Texlaxing rules to remember:

My hair is currently in braids (box braids), I will be texlaxing my hair very soon. I'm excited for that. ^-^


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