Sunday, 31 January 2016

My first hair challenge (^L^)

Personal Goals/ Hair Challenge

Ever since starting my hair journey, even back in 2010 and even now, I have never joined a hair challenge which is not good of me. Challenges are there to boost us and get us motivated on the hair journey that we are on right? How about yourself?

So, I am going to start this year (even though it's February) doing a  simple hair challenge of my own.
Starting from February 1st only 4 weeks. To growth my hair for the 4 weeks, I will only use caster oil. Any of you, who are new to hair journey can join in as well as anyone who has not join a challenge before too.
I have heard and read so many good things about caster oil as well as, I have read and done the research on caster oil and would like to see the results too for myself.

Anyone who is always busy and does not have time for their hair should try this challenge with me, it should be exciting to see how we have all progressed.
At the moment, I have on protective styling which are Havana twists/Senegalese twists but; I will still be doing this challenge with my protective styling on.

Beautyofhairjourney © Copyright. The protective styling I've got at the moment

1. Use caster oil, if unable to get a hold of caster oil using coconut oil will still be great.
2. For those of you like me who sometimes forget to do,
things put reminders on those phones twice a week to apply caster oil to your hair, give yourself at least a good 5 minutes and dedicated that time to applying the oil carefully in your hair.

Jamaican black caster oil I am using
Products I will be using:

JBCO (Jamaican black caster oil) oil

The best of luck to everyone! Let's see how we do.

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