Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Hair products (^2^)

Here is another list of products that I've used and still do still do use.

Curls unleased sulphate free shampoo
I have been using the sulphate free shampoo and stocking up each time, it is about to finish. For me it feels really good, you don't have to use to much as well at a time when shampooing your hair. It is not those shampoos, that really strips all  the natural oils in your hair and moisture. It's sulphate free. It does not cause your hair to be dry and I think it smells lovely.

US                       UK           Europe
$11.72               £4.27            €5.70

All the prices above, are from the amazon sites although if you find any locally then that is better. As for me, I pay much more than the UK price shown, but next time I know where to buy it for cheaper.

Aubrey organic honeysuckle rose conditioner

Product may or may not look different when purchasing it
This conditioner is an all natural one, which I really love. When I was all out from my old one, I just decided to purchase a new one and came across this one online. When I got it, I was very happy that it was 325ml which is a lot. This conditioner does have a strong smell, but I don't mind it at all. Unfortunately, I was not able to get it in any beauty hair shops.

US                       UK               Europe
$8.42                  £11.89            €12.49

This conditioner can be purchase in American Walmart shops, please note prices may vary. For the UK you can order online, or if you can find a huge hair and beauty shop that sell many products.  Do try having a look there, if possible before hitting that button for those orders online.
 ORS olive oil hair masque
Product may or may not look different when purchasing
 Now this product when I first purchase it, what I read was for colour treated hair but I have not dyed my hair before to be using it. However, I saw 'ulovemegz' a youtuber who I really like watching using it. This product to me helps with softening my new growth,(mixing it with some oils) and I like to leave it in for 30 minutes or more if I'm not busy.   


US                  UK               Europe
$11.67            £6.50               €28.80

The price for US is in Walmart. The Europe price I found this price from which, is very expensive, so make sure that you check your local shops for it, as I know that it can be much cheaper than the price shown above.

Hope this helps you in knowing whether this product,  is one for you to purchase. Let me know if you try any of these products and how it is for you.

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