Friday, 12 June 2015

Protective hairstyles

When starting hair journey, a lot of things we hear is protective styling and that it helps with hair growth. It is true that protective styling does help with hair growth, because the hair is in a style that allows the hair to rest; and not to be expose to the cruel winds and other weather that can effect it too.

There are so many protective styles that you can do, and even for those who are a bit lazy such as myself or even too busy to be trying to find a style to do everyday, keep on reading.
We have all been here before, where hats, beanies they become our best friend to hide our hair. But no more!
For me, I do braids most of the time, that is probably because I have been doing that for years since I was little. That might be the same for many of you out there. However, there are many different styles out there that are still effective in protecting our hair.

Great for relaxed, texlaxed and even the natural hair.

List of different types of protective hair styles :
1. Greek goddess crown braid
I really like this hairstyle, because it looks good in any season, and with practice it should not take very long to do.

2.Japanese chopstick style -
This is another great way to tuck those hair away and have it not in your face, as well as it's a style that's very different. When I don't feel like doing any braiding style this is another option since it does not require even a simple hair band. So next time, you end up seeing some chopsticks for hair pieces, why not purchase a pair and have a go at some of the hairstyles.

Have a look on Youtube next time for these Japanese hairstyles.

3. Dutch braid- Most would said it is a reverse french braid, it's great for a smart look for school, or even work. Add an accessory for the hair and volia, you look fabulous for the day.

4. Twist Bun- We all have heard of high and low buns, and as for me I get tired of doing the simple bun all the time, so the twisted bun for me seem more fun and different, as well as it is a good protective style.

There are so many types of protective styles out there, each with a different type of style. The list above are just a few which I like to do myself.

Remember- To detangle hair before styling hair, and moisturise and seal the hair.

A Happy hair= A Healthy Hair 


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