Friday, 3 July 2015

Hair products (^1^)

Hair products recommendation:

I have many hair products, I have used before and some which, I currently use. Here are three products I recommend to you. The prices may vary on these products, depending which shop you get it from and where you live.

Coconut Oil - Some people might have heard of this type of oil, often used in cooking. Although, it can be also used for skincare, I will tell you about the use of coconut oil in haircare. First of all, anyone can use coconut oil, it's great for all hair types. Coconut oil can be found anywhere in the world today: Asia, Europe,Africa, South America...
Knowing the right techniques, can even help grow your hair.

Coconut Oil Facts:
~Nutrients- It is rich in vitamin e, vitamin k and iron.
~Moisture- this is great for healthy hair and protects against any environmental impurities
~Detoxifies- the body to have a cleaner body internally ( when used in cooking)

US           UK          Europe
$7.47      £5.99           €8.65

I use coconut oil in my haircare routine, and I have for a long time. I think it's great to use for the hair because of the nutrients it gives; as well as I feel it gives a shine to the hair especially in the summer. It is natural and contains no harmful chemicals, which I like about it.
Although, it can be a bit drippy, so make sure you have a towel or old t-shirt around your shoulder before applying this in your hair. This will help prevent it from getting into you lovely clothes as well as help wipe any oil that come on your face for those with acne-prone skin like me, make sure you wipe it away.

Olive oil and mango butter moisturiser - This is a light moisturiser for the hair, anyone with thick, coarse hair or relaxer or even texlax hair can use it; since it is not a heavy moisturiser for the hair. This product does have a scent...olive oil and mango butter, to me it scent quite nice; doesn't put me off from using this product. The only downside to this product, is it's not thick enough for the winter season when the hair needs more moisturise.

US             UK          Europe
$9.01         £3.50          €8.90

Hair mayonnaise- This is a protein treatment product for the hair, it is good for any thick,coarse curly hair types or relax or even texlax hair but not for other hair types because this product will be too thick and weight down the hair for others. It is good for helping strengthen damaged hair. as it is very moisturising. This does have a slight, thick consistency feel, but I personally think that's good. The scent is strong when you first smell it, though I believe it is because of the oils and natural herbs used in the product.

US            UK          Europe
$10.99      £6.03       €9.98

      What is your favourite hair product to use?

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