Friday, 2 October 2015

Hair Advice

What a busy month I've had, it's hard to believe September has ended already. Anyway let me tell you about some healthy hair advice for hair growth; this is applicable to anyone whether your Asian, African, Latino or any other ethnicity.

Hair tools
If your use hair straigteners, redresseurs, flat iron some like to call it. Stop using these hair equipment's so often this also includes blow drying your hair; once in a while try and let your hair air dry rather than use the heat of the blow drying. If your not able to do that, try your best in using the lowest setting on the blow drying ( for instance a cool setting).  I have learned from my experience when I first started my hair journey, I  believe when you reduce or even stop using so much heat to your hair it will help with the health of hair. A little bit of chemistry is that our hair made of keratin (tough protein), now when we add heat to our hair particularly with steam and pull it, it created the bonds (hydrogen bonds) to become weak since they are stretched and then broken. So, just imagine if your doing that all the time constantly breaking those bonds in your hair. This is what causes people to notice, that their hair is perhaps shorter, dry, brittle which can lead to hair breakage (caused by excessive heat to hair).

Some of you, right might thinking absolutely no, you need heat to make your hair look beautiful. But let me tell, you using heat constantly on your hair does not help it one bit. Try this tip and see how it goes for you.  Remember: There are many hairstyles out there that does not require you to use heat.


Oils are essential for anyone wanting to grow out their hair longer, for some they may need much more oils than other. Some of you might be asking why should I use oil for my hair.
Examples of the different types of oils
Using oils help improve your scalp health, since many oils are rich in vitamins, minerals as well as other nutrients. Oils can help also fight infections and fungus which can promote hair growth. There are so many more benefits to oils in general, each oil slightly different to the benefits than other, so if this interests you to give it a go. Why not try some of these oils listed below:
- Coconut oil (one of my favourites)
-Olive oil
-Jojoba Oil
-Avocado oil
-Caster oil
-Argan oil

One thing I like about oils is it is chemical free; and there are many more oil out there, you can try. 

You can find any one these oil where you live, whether it is in hair/beauty shops, or even in local markets. Search for them, before going online to buy it if you can't find it.

Let me know if you use any of these oils and which one is your favourite.

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